Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Let's begin with a follow-up on last blog. It was a bit whiny I think. But I needed to vent, and that's what I did. I'm over it. Thanks for listening!

I'm feeling much better now. I passed my midterm with a 99! And now I'm back on track with my studying. In other words, things are getting back to normal! I'm not stuck on tunnel vision in relation to school and I can focus on all the cool things going on!

First, Lonnie started high school this year. He's also playing football. So far, he seems way more into school than he did last year. He says it because he was tired of being in middle school and because he's excited about football. I hope this lasts. Last year was a real struggle, for all of us. I know I'm more excited too! High school can be so much fun and I want him to enjoy it. And I love, love watching the kids play sports. I've missed it. Every Thursday, starting in September, I'll be on football field. YES!!

Additionally, my niece Britni has decided to take up volleyball. I'm super excited about this news, since I was a volleyball player in high school! Britni has been playing rec softball pretty much since I met her. She's great at it, but I'm glad to see her trying something new! I am a big supporter of her, but unfortunately have only been to maybe 2 of her games all these years. I'm hoping that I can make some of her volleyball games! I think she will love it and be great at it!

Another change this year is Shawn going to a new school. He's got a lot of opportunities this year and I hope he takes advantage of them!

The number one word to describe my feeling about this year is EXCITED! I just see so much good that can come out of this year for all the kids and it makes me super happy! There's more on the horizon as well, but I'll save that for another blog! Can't wait to share what this year brings!