Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WW: My New Camera & Dada's Birthday

Yes, it's true! I finally got my camera! Thanks to my mom, Dada, and Uncle Sam, it's mine!!! And I absolutely love it. I'm taking pictures of everything! Luckily, Dada's birthday trip came along around the same time, so I had some beautiful scenery to take pictures of! So, I'm just going to share a few of my favorites below.

And to share, I got the Canon Rebel T2i. Just the standard lens for now, I'm ready to upgrade already!! Any suggestions on what lens to get first?

Dada and I haven't been on a trip just the two of us since before Digger was born (over 5 years ago!!). So we finally made it a priority. We rented a cabin in the mountains in North Georgia (near Ellijay). Even though it was freezing cold, it was still beautiful! I would love to go back in fall to catch the leaves changing and spring for the new flowers blooming! It was amazing.

I played with my camera a lot there of course. Here's some of my favorite photos from the trip!

The view on the way to the cabin

Dada got some fishing in.

A river swing.

A handmade railing leading into the river.

Dada loves the water.

Dinner on night one.

Coffee on the porch.

Not a bad view. :)

I just loved this little sign.

Playing rummy with Dada.

A cute birdhouse hanging off the cabin.

Not so easy to shoot yourself with this camera. But here it is! We had a great time!

A gorgeous sunset the night before we left.

That's a wrap! I would love some feedback on these photos! Also, check out other great photos at the links below! Happy Wednesday!


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