Wednesday, September 7, 2011

You Capture: Peace

I know. Don't even say it.

I come back. Announce I'm back to blogging. And then...nothing.

I have no excuses. BBB-Bad Blogger Behavior.

I apologize.

Now...I've been feeling very uninspired. I did have a wonderful Labor Day celebration with my extended family and I had a pretty good camera to play around with. Yes, mine is still broken. So I got a few shots they happen to tie into the theme at You Capture this week- Peace.

I must say that the entire experience of being at Pat and Joe's represents peace for me. This is Dada's aunt and uncle's house. We often gather there for holiday cookouts with a huge crowd of family! Being there I am so relaxed and comfortable.

I love the hour long drive that just takes me miles away from everything that's been bugging me. And although there is tons of people, which would normally make me a little nervous and feel chaotic-I feel completely calm. I'm surrounded by family who could care less what I'm wearing, what my hair looks like, etc. I'm also surrounded by trees and acres of open land. I get to watch Digger and the other kids just let loose and run, play, laugh, whatever. Peace...yes, absolutely.

Not to mention, it's a great opportunity to get some pics! And that always puts me at peace.

Here's a few pics from our peaceful Labor Day.

When I first saw the You Capture theme, this picture popped in my mind. What could be more peaceful?

Digger's first up close encounter with a horse. They are such sweet and gentle animals.

My big boy swam with NO floaties! Big moment!

We also celebrated Granny's 89th!

And Deven's 18th!

It was also a good chance to bond with Dada! :)

Check out other great peaceful pics at the link below!

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