About Me

Ok, here it goes... I wish I had an "About Me Survey." That would make this easier.

My name is Nicole. I love photography! This blog gives me the opportunity to share my photos, get feedback, connect with other photogramoms (yea I just made that up), and get inspiration to become a better photographer. I also enjoy reading, video games, movies, and being outside!


I am married to an awesome guy, we shall call him Dada, as the youngest does. We just recently celebrated our 4th anniversary. We have one of the craziest love stories, and super busy lives, but we make it work. And who doesn't love a little crazy?

I am a mother of one boysterous boy! We shall call him Digger, a nickname from his uncle that has stuck around! He turned four in 2011. If you've been following my blog, you've already seen him in lots of pictures! He is my inspiration to be a better photographer. And he's a patient model...mostly. But, he's not afraid to say, NO MORE PICTURES!

I am also a stepmother of three! As Digger calls them- Sissy, D, and Bubba. In 2011, they will be turning 20, 18, and 16, respectively. After all this time I still can't believe I have teen kids! And now a 20 year old?! Blows my mind. They have been in my life since they were 9, 11, and 13. I have a different and special relationship with each of them. I have learned more about myself and parenting from them than they can ever know. I'm very lucky to get to have them in my life.

Sissy. The oldest. Unfortunately, the one I see the least. She's out in the world, doing her best to make it. Working and figuring out what's next for her. I wish she'd use her wise old parents advice now and then. But you know how that goes, huh parents?

D. He's a junior in high school now, doing very well. He's one out of four that listens sometimes :)  He's considering joining the military after high school.

Bubba. The one that lives with us. He is my gamer! His day is not complete without a match of Black Ops. He is currently a freshman in high school. He's also considering joining the military.


The chaos doesn't end with those special people above! I also have a busy work and school life. I work full-time at an inpatient psychiatric hospital as a Mental Health Associate (MHA). I have been there 9 years in 2011. It's a stressful, but always interesting job! Never a dull moment!

Working at the hospital provided an opportunity to learn about other healthcare fields. As a result, I decided to go back to school to be a Sonography Technician. In other words, I'll be doing ultrasounds. I'm currently finishing up the pre-requisites and will apply to the sonography program this year. If I am accepted, I will be finished in 18 months.

Who doesn't like a little crazy?

So yea, busy busy life. Which gets a little crazy sometimes! But I love it and don't know what to do with myself when things aren't a little crazy!

Welcome to Mi Vida Loca!

Btw-I chose these pictures based on their profile pictures. I figured they must like them if they are there!


**Sorry about the spacing. Blogger doing weird stuff today!