Friday, June 3, 2011

Funny Friday #4

I figured it was about time for some laughs! Here's Funny Friday #4:
1) Digger brushing his teeth. He swishes the water and spits.

"Was that a cool spit Momma?"

At least he's doing it right! Whatever it takes, lol.


2) One of my favorite things to hear Digger do is sing songs. Most songs he knows are from his favorite tv shows. We were in the kitchen, he was playing on my phone while I put groceries away.

"I'm getting so s-'cited (excited),
Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
I just can't wait much longer.
Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

Maybe you had to be there, but trust me, funny!!


3) Digger came in from playing outside in the ridiculous Hot-lanta heat.

Dada: "Want some water to cool you off?""
Digger: "No, I want coke to cool me off."
a few minutes later...
Digger: "Dada, I need some donuts to cool me off too."


No pictures today, as my camera is still broken :(

Have you had anything funny happen this week? Share with me! And link up with Curious Georgi!



Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happiness: Week 2-Birthday #2 & You Capture

So on my 32nd birthday....Ahh! No, I guess it makes me happy! Anyway, today, I will share scenes from another birthday.
Stop #2 on our wonderful weekend was another birthday party. This time for one of my dear friends sweet baby girl, Mollie. Mollie turned 6 this year. I still have a hard time wrapping my head around that. I held her four hours after she was born, tiny and precious. Now, she's 6! When did this happen?!

Mollie's theme was a Luau Beach party! It was great fun for all the kids! There was a beachy jumpy house, water balloons, water hose,water guns, ring toss, and the awesomest cake! There was lots of fun games and so totally meets the requirements of You Captures's theme this week- Games. Here's some pics from the event:

Side note: I will be probably be using these pictures for an editing post later. When transferring these pictures to Picasa they all got deleted. I was able to recover them with Glary Soft Recovery software. I highly recommend this program if this has ever happened to you. I was so relieved when it was able to pull these photos back up! Unfortunately, I was only able to recover them to my laptop, which doesn't have editing software on it. Anyway, these are unedited and so not necessarily what I would choose to show off. But I hope you enjoy the fun!

The birthday girl and one of her friends.

Digger in the bounce house.

Balloon toss.

Hula Hoops

This little girl was adorable. She kept spinning around in circles trying to hula hoop!

Work those hips Mollie!

Awesome cake, right?

Blowing out candles!

Gotta love a surprised and happy face!

The hit that broke the pinata!

Not sure why Digger had to be the pouty kid, but cute pic nonetheless!

Happy Birthday to Mollie! And wow, Happy Birthday to me! Have a great Thursday!



Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Birthday #1

So if you read my post yesterday, you know I had a wonderfully busy weekend with family and friends recently. You also know my camera is broken and so I'm sharing photos from the events we went to this past weekend.

The first event was my stepson's 18th birthday. For the older kids, we take them to a birthday dinner at a restaurant of their choice. Shawn has been requesting Hooter's for the past few years, but always gets talked out of it at the last minute. Usually by me for the sake of the queso dip at Taco Mac. Hey, I know what works. Anyway, this time I didn't fight it. I mean he is 18 now and it's not like he hasn't been before with someone else. So, he got his wish. We had a really good time. Usually birthday dinners are just the birthday kid, Dada, Digger, and myself. This time though, it was a bigger affair. His Nanny came, his aunt and uncle, his cousins, and even a couple of friends dropped by at the end. It was a fun night and I'm glad I didn't talk him out of it :)

Here's some pics from the event:

These two boys were doing tic tac toe and making, well, I can only assume, inappropriate comments. Ahh, the games boys play.  


The sun was coming in at a great angle. Not so great for enjoying your dinner, but great for some black and white pics :) I'm loving this pic of him.

the long road

Digger has been a little clingy lately. This night was no exception. I just tried to take advantage. I feel like this picture captures what it's been like to be me lately- Attached to a kid. Not that I mind much, he's pretty cute.

The Paper Mama

D and some of the Hooters gals, after they dressed him up and embarrassed him in front of the whole restuarant. He seems to have gotten over it quickly, what do you think?

Just a random pic of me and the hubs. Dada is losing weight and looks great in this pic. I just look happy. So basically, I like the pic :)

So, that was the first stop on my fun weekend. Hope you enjoyed. Click all the buttons in this blog to check out more great pics and blogs. Happy Wednesday!

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