Friday, June 3, 2011

Funny Friday #4

I figured it was about time for some laughs! Here's Funny Friday #4:
1) Digger brushing his teeth. He swishes the water and spits.

"Was that a cool spit Momma?"

At least he's doing it right! Whatever it takes, lol.


2) One of my favorite things to hear Digger do is sing songs. Most songs he knows are from his favorite tv shows. We were in the kitchen, he was playing on my phone while I put groceries away.

"I'm getting so s-'cited (excited),
Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
I just can't wait much longer.
Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

Maybe you had to be there, but trust me, funny!!


3) Digger came in from playing outside in the ridiculous Hot-lanta heat.

Dada: "Want some water to cool you off?""
Digger: "No, I want coke to cool me off."
a few minutes later...
Digger: "Dada, I need some donuts to cool me off too."


No pictures today, as my camera is still broken :(

Have you had anything funny happen this week? Share with me! And link up with Curious Georgi!




  1. Hot-lanta violation!!!! Don't you listen to the bert show?? Hot-lanta is not cool anymore lol. ;)

  2. Well I didn't want to call it the GD heat, so I figured that was better. It's just tooooo hot!


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