Friday, August 5, 2011

Funny Friday #5: Pretend School

Ok, so big changes coming up in our world this month! Digger is starting Pre-K and if all goes well, Lonnie is starting a new online high school program. I'm excited and nervous about all these changes...but mostly, they just make me tired. I like sleep. I like it a lot. So, getting up at 6 o'clock every (EVERY) morning, does not sound fun to me. But a Mommy's job has to be done!

Basically, what I realized, is that Digger is not the only one that needs to get ready for school. I need to get ready for the changes school is going to bring to our house.

The plan started with the simple idea that we need to get into a routine similar to our school routine. We need to wake up early, have breakfast, get dressed. And yes, these things normally happen in our house, but on their own, usually later in the day, kind of way.

The second part of the plan was to have 'pretend school' and do things like Digger will in school. So we had circle time, story time, group activities, nap, etc., all on a schedule similar to his school.

So today was our first day of 'school.' Digger has done well so far. He got up early on his own and ate a little breakfast. When I turned off the tv and the computer though, suddenly, he doesn't like this whole school thing anymore. It was funny but...

I was a little disappointed that he wasn't as excited as I was. But I pressed on and we started circle time. We talked about what circle time is in real school and what they might talk about. Suddenly, this got exciting! Now, we need a classroom full of other friends (because that's how real school will be!). So, Digger grabbed all his Batman toys and he spread them around the floor in a circle. After all the 'students' were in place, we started our day. It was very cute and back to being funny!

This is our 'class' in circle time. FYI-I'm in process of grouting the floor, that's what the white stuff is!

We also had recess and snack time and in group we talked about school and what it will be like and what will be expected. Digger was so into this, he had a little accident. But always ready to make it a learning moment- we talked about raising your hand and asking to go to the potty at school, which he did!

As a part of center time, I'm blogging, while Digger plays a game. Then on to another group activity to talk about letters! In the group, we reviewed our letters, sang the alphabet and compared big letters to little letters.

Next we had music and movement time. Some songs chosen by Digger were: 'ABC's', 'Gorilla, Monkey, Elephant, Lion, Hippopatomus', 'Bad Boy', 'Fire Chuck E. Cheese', 'Apple, Strawberry, Mixed with Banana', 'Johnny Test,' 'Batman', 'Hulk,' 'Blue Beetle', and 'Rex'. All songs were based on nearby toys that attracted his attention. He made up songs to go with each one.

Here's an example of some lyrics:
"Hulk is running.
He meets his Thor.
They fly off.
Hulk turns into Thor.
And then he changes back into Hulk."

To complete the picture in your mind- remember there was singing, dancing, clapping, and appropriate toy props to act out the songs :) He was so into this, that he called me teacher instead of Momma too :)

Digger is so funny! Now it's lunchtime! It's been a super fun and funny friday of pretend school! I'm so happy that it went so well!

Happy Friday!


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