Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WW-Call it a Comeback

Yea, I didn't stick to one word of my last post, did I? I tell ya, not having a good camera really makes it hard to stay motivated to update your photography blog. So, no empty promises today. I feel like posting today, so I will. If I feel like posting again, I will. Hopefully, I'll get the ball rolling...THEN we can call it a comeback.

So a few new things going on:

1) I am saving up to buy my dream camera. I'm pretty close, so I'm thinking that maybe the blog will pick up once I have it. I'm hoping to have it soon. I've even had a request for a photo shoot. That's big motivation to hurry up and get it!

2) I've been working out! No, it's not a New Year's resolution. I refuse to call it that. I was motivated before the new year, I just didn't start until the new year. I'm ready to lose weight, eat better, and be healthy. Dada and I have been going to the gym together, also taking the older boys when they are with us. We are shooting for four days a week and so far have been sticking to it. We are on Week 2, Day 2 as of today. I've already lost 3 pouinds! I'm super excited and I'm feeling so good! It's also nice to spend so much time with Dada everyday! I'm thinking of adding this adventure to the blog. Pictures of the journey...hmmm...yea, I don't know about that one yet. But at least the story would be fun to share! I know your encouragement would help too!

3) Dada took a new job. It was a promotion, as well as a move to a new company. He seems to like it. I am liking his new schedule. It's more predicatable and it allows for us to be able to do our 4 day a week gym plan.

Well folks, I think that's a wrap for today! Give me some comment love and motivate me to come back to blogging!

Oh, and I do have some pictures for today! This is Sissy and Digger playing recently! He misses seeing his Sissy, so he had lots of fun with her!

Happy Wednesday!


Wordish Wednesday

 then, she {snapped}

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  1. Hooray for almost there getting your new camera. It took me almost 2 years and it was so worth the wait!!

    And a job promotion - how awesome!


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