Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Florida Memories

Ok, so time to see more shots from my trip to Florida. I really tried to do some new techniques there and I'm happy with the results. It's motivated me to keep thinking outside of the box and see what happens. I'm looking for more new things to try. Any suggestions are welcome! Also requests! Is there something you want me to photograph or a skill to try? Send me inspiration!

When I saw this gorgeous sunset, I was so happy I brought the camera! Catching the right shot was the key though. I like this one, but it's not my favorite. I like the ducks on the water in the shot, but the photo just seems unbalanced.

This, however, is my favorite shot. I love the color in the sky and the reflection on the water. I hate that stupid sign blocking the water though. I need to invest in Photoshop! Otherwise, love this photo.

I took at least 16 shots of just this bird trying to capture the right one. I was still attempting to catch an uncentered shot, as mentioned in my last blog. Going off-center is hard for me because I just prefer things centered. This one is slightly off-center and turned out ok.
Here's me going back to my normal shots, but they do work for me, so never forget about what you already have learned! So here, centered and up close, just the way I like it. This required a long zoom in and a steady hand. If you have a camera with optical zoom, it's a wonderful tool! It allows you to catch amazing things that are far away, without having to zoom and crop on your computer later and possibly losing picture quality. But you do have to practice at keeping steady because the camera will not do it for you when zooming in from really far off. I love this photo, the details of the bird and even the wind plowing his feathers and giving him a cute hairstyle :) Not to mention how much he curves his long neck, it looks painful!

Now he stretches that long neck out for us! Again I stayed with a zoomed and centered (mostly) photo. All of the off center photos I attempted caused his white feathers to glare and be unclear. I will share examples below.

I guess it's only fair if I share my mistakes as well. Learn from them! As you can see, the glare on the bird completely ruins the shot. I could not find a way around this other than to zoom in closer. Share your knowledge with me photographers. What else could I have done to get this shot?

This one is better, but the bird is out of focus. I was not able to replicate this one shot, so I went back to the zoom and center shots already shared.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures. There are more photos to come! Also, please remember you can click on the photograph to see a larger image. As always, please provide me with feedback on photos and the blog!

"You don't take a photograph.  You ask, quietly, to borrow it."  ~Author Unknown


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