Wednesday, February 16, 2011

You Capture-Warmth

I've decided to participate in the You Capture weekly photo challenge. I thought it would be an excellent way to improve my photography, as well as see lots of beautiful photos to keep me motivated and inspire creativity! This week's topic was warmth.

So when I think warmth, I think sunny days and playing outside with my son. And thankfully, Georgia weather provided this week for the warmth topic. Brandon and I got to play outside and I tried to snap a few pics that 'capture' warmth for me.

A sure sign of a warm day, wearing shades! Even Brandon, who never wants to wear his!

Gorgeous warm day, requiring shades!

Warmth means the toes get to peek out! Flip- flops! Love these days! (this pic would not rotate, sorry!)

Love a bubble blowing day!

Brandon loves to chase and pop the bubbles.

Playing anything with him just warms my heart <3

Hope you enjoyed my pictures today! Check out some other great photos at the links below! And join in the photo challenge!




  1. Oh...I want to play outside! Still a bit too chilly in Wyoming...but it may get warm enough today!. Its already 43~ Almost 100 degrees warmer than a few weeks ago! Ha!

    Nice shots!

  2. Ahhhh - love the flip flops! I crave warm enough weather for flip-flops. :D

  3. Aww, I like the first photo, cute!

  4. How funny- I took a shot of my red toes in my fav flip flops too. With all the other warmth I captured- it didn't make the cut :) I am glad someone else posted one

  5. I love the toes and the sun shots!! I can feel the warmth!!

  6. I love the sun shot! The bubbles are lovely too! I'm a bit jealous of all the "warm" you were able to capture. I'm counting the days until June when I can finally bust out my flops. Enjoy your warm days!

  7. Awesome photos. I love the sun image.


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