Wednesday, May 4, 2011

WW-You Capture-Outdoors

I knew this week's You Capture theme would be an easy one. One of my favorite things to do is take the camera outdoors, usually on a lovely spring walk! However, nature has a funny way of changing things up. When I'm ready to get the camera out, it rains. But, luckily still provided some outdoor photo fun. On my way to take the dogs out, I noticed some birds had made a nest on our front porch. This particular spot is quite popular with the birds. We've had multiple nests in this spot. This time, though, there is a different kind of bird. So that's exciting!

I did a little research on them and they appear to be house finches. I know, so much for an outdoorsy name :) Here's a link to what I found about finches (click the book corner and then scroll down to House Finch to see info). See if you agree with my bird identification. If I'm correct, then the brown bird is the female and the red one is the male.

Here's the pics! FYI-lots of editing required on the first few pics.

The brown bird (most likely female) stays in the nest mostly.

Not a great shot, but the only decent one of them together.

I had a hard time editing this one. I just love her eyes. Wish I could've zoomed in more!

While I was snapping photos of the female, the male peeked over the edge of the drain to see if it was safe to approach nest.

With much stress, the birds retreated to a nearby tree and chirped at me while I snapped more pictures from underneath their nest.

I've become quite fond of bird watching and photographing. Birds have such great personalities if you just take the time to stop and watch them for awhile. Do you enjoy bird watching or photographing? Share your favorite bird pics with me!

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  1. These are so great! I enjoyed your post. I just posted yesterday some photos of baby birds from a nest inside a grill. So I was able to get close ups of the eggs and then the babies, but the mom wasn't around while I was there. My fil told me he had seen a finch close by so maybe it's the same as your birds. I love watching the birds at my feeder. I just need a zoom so I can get a decent photo of them!

  2. I'm especially fond of watching birds too. I didn't expect to like it, but I really do. Those are wonderful shots of a family in the making. :)

  3. You really got some great shots of all the birds, love them!

  4. Love that bird nest- we had some birds try to make a nest on the overhang on our porch- my hubs put the spikes up there so they would go away. I was sort of bummed because it's so cool to watch that.

  5. Thanks for joining my blog hop!!! I'm following you now!!!

  6. Those are great. I wish I could get close enough to take bird photos!

  7. Birds have such wonderful expressions! Great captures.

  8. Those are pretty! How cool you'll get to do some bird watching up close and personal! ;)

    WW: Dragon Princess

  9. How fun. I love that you can shoot these cute little birds and it brings you so much joy. Joy is the best!

  10. I love bird-watching too. Just the sound of them chirping when I wake up in the morning are enough to get me in a cheerful mood throughout the day.:-) I love your photos of them. Makes me want to learn photography too.:-)


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