Friday, April 29, 2011

Funny Friendly Friday #2

Welcome to the 2nd installment of Funny Friday and Friendly Friday!

Let's begin with Funny Friday:

1) Digger having fun with words: "What you think about that? But bu bink about bat?"

Me: "Put pu pink about Pat?"

Digger: "Put pu pink about Joe?"

FYI- Joe is Pat's husband- his great aunt and uncle. :D


2) Brandon and I playing at the park.

Me: "You want to go see the creek now?"
Digger: "No way dude."


3) Remember last Funny Friday (two weeks ago, see here)? I said I had a funny picture about how I found Brandon's toys one day? Well, I found them! Here it is:

Yep, just like that. Boys...gotta love 'em!


And now on to Friendly Friday!

My featured blogger this week is ...

Supermom, a momma who does it all

SUPERMOM! As I mentioned last week, Alysha (aka Supermom), is my inspiration for Friendly Friday. She has a weekly Friend Finding Friday that I try to participate in! She picks a random follower each week to feature. I've found some great blogs through her! She is also an amazing photographer! She hosts Wordish Wednesday, which is a chance to share our lives through pictures, with a lot, a little, or no words at all! She also has many other daily entries- such as A Single Mother's Daybook, which I love. It's a little peek into her world and her personality. And if that is not enough, she has lots of fun stories and giveaways!

Not that she needs my help to get followers, but I still want to give her a shout out! Her blog is great and I know she works hard at it! Go check her out!

Remember the rules:
1) Follow me!
2) Follow featured blogger!
3) Link back to me, using my button if you can!
4) Make sure to link up in the linky tool below, so others can find your blog easily!

HAVE FUN!! So if you have a blog, link up below! Everyone is welcome!

When You Wish Upon A Star

Hope it's a great Friday for you! See you next week!

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  1. Hi, thanks for linking on daddy's time Friday. But I'm afraid that you don't have a daddy's time friday post, so I'll delate your link. Sorry. But I'm linking and following you.

  2. Hello from a new follower on the Blog Hop!

    We both have feet on our blog header! lol

    Please feel free to stop by: Put A Little Umbrella In Your Drink

    Lesli :D

  3. LOL, love the toy picture!! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog the other day, I am sorry it has taken me so long to get back, we have been on vacation so everything is a little slower. I am following back now and looking forward to more fun Fridays. :)


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