Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Manic Monday...ok, maybe not so manic.

Welcome to my new followers! However you got here, old friends, UBP11, I'm so glad you are here! The following blog is brought to you by spring break. It's not my usual blog. In fact, I don't even usually post on Tuesdays! But, try to enjoy the rambling, and I'll see you tomorrow for photos!

So I'm sitting at home. It's spring break. Both my stepsons are here. They are playing Black Ops (Zombies of course).  Brandon is watching Nick Jr. and playing Angry Birds on my phone. I'm at the computer thinking, there's too many video games in this house!

However, it does give me sometime to get ahead on my blogging.

So, for the moment, I will take advantage of this and let it happen. Then I will get whoever will agree to get dressed and go outside! Because, while a bit on the chilly side, it is a gorgeous, sunny day today in Georgia! There were bad storms here last night and, at least at my house, you can't even tell. It's a great day!

After that I guess I should clean. Having extra people here makes the house extra dirty.

For those of you that don't know. Today is like my Monday. I work Saturday, Sunday and Monday every week. And I work a 12 hour shift. So I do my best to not do anything else those days. But when Tuesday gets here, it's the start of MY week. I've got four days to make the most of. Usually, I also would be doing classwork, but that's not happening this quarter. I will talk about that another day, I'm really upset about it. So, Tuesday is usually just me and Brandon and we get housework done, play, cook dinner, then stay up and spend some time with Dad. This goes on all week, unless Dad has a day off. Then we also try to make the most of that and go somewhere and do something fun. Today is the hardest. I'm very tired from my work days and need to rest. But those of you with young boys know...it ain't gonna happen! 

But so Tuesday is here. My brain feels like mush and I'm trying to decide what to do to take advantage of not only a day off, but having my other boys here too. It won't last long. One of them will leave to go have fun elsewhere on their spring break. Oh the pressure! Mothers of teenagers, what do you do? All mine want to do is play videogames!

But maybe if I get up and start moving, something will come to me.

However, this moment is nice, just to sit and blog. Minus the zombies dying in the background. I could do without that.

Since I have a little extra time these days, find me some photo challenges! Give me some blog ideas/photo ideas/any ideas! I know I've been given this break for a reason. I want to use it. This all has to do with school. I will give the full story on the school thing soon. I'm not trying to be vague. It's just got me down. But I know my photography will cheer me up, so I want to focus on it! Send me your thoughts!

And don't forget to sign up or stop by the Party! Find some new friends and fun blogs!

Have a great week!



  1. Hi there,
    Stopping in from the UBP. Thanks for coming by my blog to visit and introduce yourself. I love photography and am starting to learn more about it. I need lots of tips and practice. It's fun to check out what others are doing and learn from other bloggers. I'm so glad you stopped by ;)

    Following your blog. Have a great week!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Happy partying!


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