Thursday, April 14, 2011


Just letting you know I'm making some changes around here! You can see there's a new header up there! It's not a final, finished product, but it's pretty close to where I want it. Leave me some feedback about it!

I'm also hunting for a new background. I've found some good sites, but haven't found quite what I'm looking for. I want to find something to tie into the theme, When You Wish Upon A Star. If you know of any good sites or have suggestions, send them my way!

Lastly, I want to change my button. Not sure what I want yet, but I'm sure I'll figure it out!

Hope you are all having a good week! Happy Thursday!


P.S. Big thanks to this blog, that has helped me tremendously with designing my blog. If you need ideas or help, go check out her Blog Editing link.

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