Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WW-You Capture-Vibrance

So, since I passed my final (90% oh yea!), and life has been going a little slower. I don't have a whole lot to say! So today's post will be a little more on the wordless wednesday side. Nothing wrong with a little change, right?

The theme at You Capture this week is vibrance. On our walk through the neighborhood, Brandon and I saw lots of vibrant color! The weather is getting warmer. People are starting to plant flowers and things are starting to bloom.

So that's what I went for.

By the way, these were all taken with my camera phone. In other words, not the greatest pics of all time. Also, none of these flowers are mine. I do not have a green thumb whatsoever!

All edits were done with Picasa and Picnik.

Hope you all are having a great week!

Purple is my favorite color. Couldn't miss a chance to catch it!

This one is my favorite! The color is blinding! It's gorgeous. And also purple, so of course I love it! These flowers are planted around a stop sign in someones yard. I love that they decorated it!

Someone had on a very vibrant shirt that day too!

I had to do a lot of editing to this to make the flying petals (seeds? what the heck do you call it?) show. I love this picture because I've been taking shots of him doing this for years. He can finally do it himself! My little man is growing up :)

Check out more vibrance at the You Capture link below. And more wordless, wordish, wordless posts at the other links!




Wordish Wednesday


  1. Wow!! Awesome pictures!! Just visiting from sevenclowncircus.

  2. Beautiful color! Something lacking here at the moment. Happy WW!

  3. I can hardly wait until the flowers start popping out here. Fabulous shots!

  4. I also lovelovelove taking pictures of flowers! I actually posted my flower picture today too! I found you through the linkups and I'm your newest follower. Loved all your flower pics!!!!!

  5. Lots of lovely colors and vibrance to all your shots this week!

  6. What gorgeous signs of spring!!

    Happy Wednesday Dear! xo

  7. Now that's some talented picture-taking - especially since you used a camera phone...they all turned out beautiful (and vibrant!) :)

    WW: Hubby's Renovation Pics

  8. very vivid color! I like your photos, very pretty :)

  9. Love the photos--I wish we had flowers blooming here instead the snow keep rearing it's ugly head. YUCK!


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